Barking on Capital Hill

On Jan 31 rescue animals visited Capital Hill to raise pet adoption awareness.  I wish I could have joined because my brother Paddington was adopted.  Do you know anyone who went?

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Dog found on the Brooklyn Bridge

Tom Petronis found a dog wandering alone on the Brooklyn Bridge. Petronis rescued the dog and took her home.

Tom is now looking to find the dogs owner.

If I lost my Mommy I would be very upset.  I hope she finds her way home.

If you have any information on the dog’s owner, you can contact Tom at

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Doggie Etiquette 101: Rule 7

Doggie restaurant outings are becoming more and more popular, so don’t forget to brush up on your doggie etiquette before your next outing. This wee k we cover rule 7: Bring your own pet dish or ask for a disposable dish that you can use.  In restaurants, any pet that enters the premises is not allowed to eat or drink out of any glasses or dishes (unless they’re disposable). So help ensure your canine pal has a great outing, or bring your pal’s favorite dish for an extra special outing.

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Doggie Etiquette 101: Rule 6

Doggie Etiquette 101 is by far a popular topic amongst any citizens who take their animal to a restaurant. This week we cover rule 6: No paws on the table.  This rule is not only for the health and safety of you and your animal, but for the health and safety of ALL animals and people who come to the restaurant. In terms of a restaurant, one of the biggest concerns that a Health Department worries about is the feet of its guests. Who knows what kind of things are on our feet, let alone our dogs. Plus think about it, you wouldn’t place your own feet on the dinner table, so why would you let your animal?


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Doggie Reunion

As most people know, I love hearing about reunion stories that involve pets. A friend of mine sent me a link to a story about a litter of 7 puppies that were adopted by different families from the Louisiana SPCA. Not only is this a wonderful success pet adoption success story, but it shows that people will never cease to amaze me. These families not only keep in touch with each other, but they got together with their dogs for a 1st Birthday party.

(For more on this story, go to

Very rarely do I hear of adoption stories where the siblings get to see each other again after being adopted by different families. So I am very happy to hear that not only were these wonderful animals adopted, but that they were given a chance stay in touch with their littermates (and their families).

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