About Eddie

Eddie Eats Out is a site that I created so that I can review restaurants for my friends.

Yes, I am a dog. But I have feelings and opinions too. My parents take me to restaurants all the time and sometimes I enjoy myself and sometimes I do not. Sometimes I feel welcome and sometimes I do not.

Sometimes the staff is courteous to me and sometimes they are not. Sometimes I like the food and sometimes I do not.

Sometimes I like the food and sometimes I do not.

Visit http://www.EddieEatsOut.com to see all of my reviews.

8 Responses to About Eddie

  1. Samantha says:

    Love your website! Definitely going to share with our readers!! xo The Barkistas

  2. Hi Samantha & Paddy,

    Thanks so much!! I absolutely love your blog… Paddington is so adorable and I love how you bake treats for him! Let me know if he is interested in submitting any reviews to EddieEatsOut. Would love to hear what his favorite restaurants are!

    To all our readers: check out http://www.barkzilla.net/ to hear more from the barkistas!!

    Ady & Eddie

  3. Libby says:

    My name is Libby. I was bred for royalty and the rest of my family are award winning show dogs. I just moved to South Bend, IN from Tempe, AZ and am looking forward to learning more about local hotspots fit for a queen.

  4. So glad we found your blog. We’ll be traveling around the U.S. with Gus next year and are gathering info now on all the best dogger-friendly places to go! Love the site!

    • eddieeatsout says:

      Thanks Lori!! I just checked out your site – Gus is ADORABLE!! (And love your super cute dog-themed tree ornaments…) Keep us posted on the great dog-friendly places that you find. xx Eddie

  5. Carol Barile says:

    Eddie, don’t go anywhere you are not welcome, because you are always welcome at Auntie Carol’s house/restaurant. Auntie Carol’s house is dog friendly.

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