Doggie Etiquette 101: Rule 5

Be ready for your next visit to your doggie friendly restaurant by brushing up on your doggie etiquette. This week is rule 5: No visiting other tables.  This rule is not only for you but for other patrons as well. Although many dog owners are fine meeting other animals, but you never really know what the person is really thinking. They may say its fine to your face, but only saying that to be polite. Let people come visit your table (and they will), that way you know they want to meet your animal. Plus it creates a better dining experience for everyone.

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Doggie Etiquette 101: Rule 4

Doggie Etiquette is becoming a very popular topic of late with more and more doggie friendly restaurants opening. Rule 4 is more for your own convenience as well. Always remember to exercise your dog before you sit down. This not only gives your dog a chance to get rid of some of their energy first, but it also gives them a chance to use the restroom. Doggie accidents are not only embarrassing, but they are preventable. Giving your dog a chance to use the restroom is not only a courtesy to the restaurant and yourself, but to your dog as well.



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Doggie Etiquette 101: Rule 2 & 3

Doggie friendly restaurants are becoming more and more popular, especially in dog friendly areas like Boynton Beach. Last time, I wrote about the first rule: First and foremost, your dog should be able to behave around other people and other dogs. Remember for the safety of your animal, and for others, to accomplish this rule before proceeding further.  Next Always call ahead to the establishment to make sure they allow dogs at their outdoor tables. You would not want to make it all the way there just to find out they are not dog friendly, and your trip was for not. Another rule rule of thumb for those new to the doggie restaurant scene: Dogs CANNOT go inside a restaurant unless they are a service dog!




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To Dress or Not to Dress

Halloween is right around the corner, and for many a countdown has begun. One of my favorite parts of Halloween has always been dressing up. Over the years more and more people dress their animals in costumes as well, sparking the debate of To Dress or Not to Dress. I find it a fun experience to see how many different ideas people come up with for their dogs or any other animals for that matter. The creativity is amazing. This Halloween is only a few weeks away. What is your animal going to be for Halloween?

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Animal Safety or Just Another Way to Make Money?

I recently read a story in Business Week about a new bill that would require motorist to have any dogs or felines that are not being transported within a pet carrier or crate to wear a seatbelt-like harness.  Violators could have a fine from anywhere from a $25 ticket to a fine of $1,000 for extreme cases (such as a dog without any restraint in the bed of a pickup truck). Not only can I see where the restraint of an animal up front within the cab of a truck or car can help from distracting the driver, but there is also a safety feature by restraining the animal. However just like all things with the positive come the negative and I DO NOT see how letting your animal ride in the back of a pickup truck should require a $1,000 fine for animal cruelty. Although this bill has yet to be decided on, I still feel it needs plenty of work before heading for a vote.

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